Digital Marketing As a Career Prospect

Digital marketing has left behind the traditional view of marketing and the old ways have become less efficient in the modern times. The era of smart phones and internet connectivity has provided a latent advantage to the marketers to reach the customers just by sitting in their office and working on their laptops. Many of us might say that this is just a fad in marketing that is not here to stay. Initially, it did look like that to many researchers, but times have shown that digital marketing is a new field that has come into existence and is evolving at a fast pace. It is supposed to provide jobs by generating the need of creative individuals who can think out of the box and increase the sales of the company.

Career Prospects

Digital Marketing Manager:

For being a senior mid-level digital marketer that reports directly to the VP of marketing, a person needs to have experience of 5 years or more. The person interested in becoming a manager needs to have genuine certification and projects undertaken that would provide an edge over the other competitors. No degree like an MBA is important for becoming a digital marketing expert. It is your skill set at digital marketing that answers all your questions and provides weight to the resume.


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