Data Science: Why Should We Study It?

What does this article contain? What is it referring? OK, say some information, useful information, a bunch of words that mean something? Well, all of this is right. In general, we call it data.

Most of the data stored and retrieved by several business organizations is unstructured data. That is right. By unstructured data we mean data that is not organized according to a certain criterion.

Text files, editors, multimedia forms, sensors, logs don’t have the capability of identifying and processing huge volumes of data.

So, we introduce the concept of Data Science. Data Science is mostly similar to Data Mining which extracts data from external sources and loads accordingly. It raises the scope of Artificial Intelligence.

Data Science is the complete elaboration of already known, existing data in vast amount. For any machine or any matter to do a task, it requires collecting data and executing it efficiently. For that matter, we will require the data to be collected in a precise way as we need it to be. For example, Satellites collect the data about the world in massive amounts and reverts the information processed in a way that is helpful for us. It is basically a goal to discover the useful patterns from the unprocessed data.

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