Disney’s All Star Movies Resort – Lights, Cameras, Action!

Toy Story. 101 Dalmatians. The Love Bug.

What do they have in common? They are all made by Disney, and featured at Disney’s All Star Movies resort!

Lights! Cameras!

The Disney All Star Movies resort is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves Disney movies. (And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Disney movies?)

This Disney Value resort includes all the amenities you could ask for to make your stay both fun and relaxing. On site you will find a food court, pools, a playground, an arcade, laundry service, and a concierge desk. The resort also offers babysitting and child care services for couples looking to spend a little time discovering the romance Disney has to offer.

Dining at the All Star Movies Resort

The “World Premier” food court in Cinema Hall features something for everyone with traditional food court options like burgers and fries as well as deli-style food and vegetarian options.

You may also choose to have pizza delivered right to your room – how’s that for interesting?.

Location, Location, Location

The All Star Movie resort is located in the Animal Kingdom area and provides free transportation to all of the popular Disney attractions including Downtown Disney, the Disney theme parks and Disney waterparks.

There are two themed pools, Fantasia and Mighty Ducks, as well as a kiddie pool, a playground and the Reel Fun Arcade. Between the Disney theme parks and the All Star Movies resort amenities, your stay will be jam-packed with fun activities for the whole family.


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