Fanboys Movie Review

Ok, time for a confession: I’m a nerd. This movie was essentially made for me, and I enjoyed it guilt-free.

What is a Fanboy?

If you didn’t know, fanboys (and girls) are obsessed fans of one series or another, and the term is typically used when referring to fans of Star Wars and Star Trek, although some use Trekkies (or Trekkers) instead — the Trekkies series of documentaries explains that in more detail. Set in 1998, this movie focuses on the cult obsession for Star Wars that existed prior to the release of the three Star Wars prequels, and has a lot of material to work with.

You can’t really grasp the essence of fanboy-ism until you see it firsthand, and this movie addresses that issue firsthand in the first few minutes of the movie. Darth Vader walks into a Hallowe’en party flanked by a pair of stormtroopers, grabs a beer, then sits down to open his laptop for an online date. THAT is the essence of the fanboy who doesn’t care what people think, and unerringly follows his obsession.

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