Stay Healthy

See Always Goodness in Others

This is the most important and difficult factor in these trying times. It is easy to let betrouwbare corona testen down your guard of confidence, hope in this situation and see negativity shades in others. But please note, there are enough chances of hope and revival.

Rumours fly left, right, to the sky and bottom, and everywhere. Social media has made it easy for the trouble mongers to circulate videos targeting a specific community about spreading the virus, and indulging in acts of terrorism. True, there are some untoward incidents, but circulating hatred videos will infuse more negativity in society. The result, anger, resentment, losing trust in even your loved family members – all these can make your life miserable when you stay at home.

Please do not rely on unauthentic online information sources and right wing parties. This is the time when human mind becomes filled with negative emotions, and you will not be able to see the REALity. It becomes your sole responsibility to pay respect towards only reliable source of information channels to stop negativity from spreading at a fast pace.

For a moment, kindly think the positive. Has a doctor, nurse or any medical staff shirked their duties and stayed at home, expressing fear of the virus? Even in third countries such as India, they are going to the hospital for assistance. Even the law enforcement agencies are working day and night to regulate the situation and ensure the disease does not spread in more areas and countries.

Businessmen, Millionaires, actors and actresses have contributed millions to the Relief fund of respective countries. You may not have a million nor contribute to any fund, but the least you can do is to keep your family members happy and make them stay positive to handle any challenges for the future.

7. Stay Healthy

How long have you not exercised and made your body break into sweat? This is the time to indulge in yoga, running on tread mills and more..

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