The Mighty Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a marvelous mobile phone for consumers of all ages. Whether you are interested in multimedia, text messaging, internet access, or many other features of that nature, you will not be disappointed in this incredible mobile device. It features an 8 megapixel camera so you can make quality pictures and full HD 1080p videos and it even includes a secondary camera for making video calls. Yes indeed, this is one mobile phone which is well worth consideration. You can learn more about this fantastic mobile phone in this Samsung Galaxy S2 review.

These are some of the most shining features of the Samsung Galaxy S2:

+ Speed: 1.2GHz dual-core processor & 1GB of RAM which ensures that your phone will keep up with your multimedia features and apps

+ Camera: an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus

+ 1080p video recording capabilities, and a secondary camera for making video calls

+ Messaging options: text messaging, multimedia messaging, email, instant messaging and RSS feeds

+ Music: the MP3/MP4 player helps you to listen to all of your favorite music at once and store it on your mobile phone

+ Business features: a document editor, Gmail, and YouTube connectivity help businesspeople to stay in contact with each other and their clients

+ Overall battery life: this is one of the most superior battery lives on the market, boasting a standard rechargeable lithium ion battery with up to 610 hours of standby time and nearly 9 hours of talk time


Another great aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is its overall measurements and dimensions. While the S2 does not get an award for being the world’s smallest mobile phone, it is the standard size of most touch screen handheld devices, measuring approximately 125.3mm tall, 66.1mm wide, and 8.5mm deep. The qHD 4.3″ display is very nice for watching HD videos and is a better experience than the iPhone 4 3.7″ screen.


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