There Is a Mighty Need for Strong Positive Leadership in Virtually Every Area of Life

Having been away from writing for two months, it is good to be able to return.

Part of the time was spent speaking and teaching and lecturing in Kenya, in Nairobi and Mombasa and Kisumu, but on returning to the United Kingdom one quickly becomes aware of the physical and material riches in the nation, but the spiritual poverty!

Most of my time was spent encouraging pastors and leaders, seeking to fortress and build them up in the truth of God, through the Word of God, and see these men emerge as leaders who will give positive leadership to those around them.

What a horrendous mess man gets into when he turns away from, and rejects, God’s ways, as revealed in the Word of God.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen in these present days than on the political, economic, and financial front in this crucial area of debt.

One might wonder if anyone in Italy has a Bible, and if so, does anyone read it, and pay attention to its light, guidance, and direction?

Much of the Scripture was written either in Greece or to Greece, but its teaching has been deliberately neglected and ignored, involving suffering for millions of people.

Even in Kenya these were prominent news items, as I listened to the excellent BBC World service on my little radio.

Our own nation has thought that borrowing money could solve and resolve economic and social issues. Not so, and we have been known as ‘the land of the Book’. Alas, that is no longer true.

At this time of the year, in particular, there is the temptation to buy and buy and incur debt. Some are even saying they will splurge out, and spend, and face the consequences in 2012. That would be most unwise.

Each year around November comes that reminder to write something which might warn people regarding the danger of getting into debt. This is a dangerous time of year and getting into unnecessary debt is to be avoided at all costs.

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