Why Sean Stephenson, Author of “Get Off Your Buts,” is a Mighty Man in a Small Frame?

Sean Stephenson, author of “Get off your buts,” is a mighty man in a small frame. Sean does not like to be described as 3 feet tall person confined to a wheelchair. Sean Stephenson has gone through more trials and tribulations that would make the biggest man fall to his knees. I recently watched a live streaming seminar with Sean and it was very enlightening. The main thing that I learned was that we have no excuses for not achieving whatever our heart desires.

Sean’s philosophy is that they are 3 major buts that we have to overcome. But #1 is fears which normally start with “but what if I fail, but what if I lose… and continues for as long as you allow it. Our fears are holding us back, you can go to as many self help seminars that you can fit into a single lifetime, but until you do what is necessary to succeed you are wasting your time. The journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step. The first step may be the most difficult one to take, but once you do it is very difficult to stop moving forward. You will be like an avalanche rolling down hill where you will get stronger the closer you get to your goal.

Excuses are But #2, which normally starts with but I don’t have to do that; but I don’t know how to do that… and continues to infinity. “Excuses are the building blocks of nothingness. They serve as monument to inadequacies and those who excels in them seldom do in anything else” is a poem that I heard many years ago and it still sticks in my mind today.

Insecurity is But #3 and what he considers to be the most devastating thing that plagues us. Sean believes that insecurity of not feeling like you don’t measured up to standards that you have in your mind or set by society is crippling. These insecurities might be caused by any number of things, but if people felt more secure in their bodies then they is no telling how far this World could evolve. This but normally starts with but I am not… (Fill in the blank). I don’t know what but plagues you but whichever one does get over it and move towards the success that you deserve in your life, business and relationships.

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