Adverse Remortgage Options Exist For Many

Adverse Remortgage Options Exist For Many

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Getting a loan revolves most around two things: having a steady job and having a good credit score. While people with bad credit may have a tough time obtaining a loan to buy a house or to refinance their hom
loan, there are opportunities under certain circumstances for many of them to obtain an adverse remortgage. Lenders will typically look at what happened to a person’s finances that threw them into their current or recent situation and judge each loan application on an i…

adverse credit remortgage,

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Getting a loan revolves most around two things: having a steady job and having a good credit score. While people with bad credit may have a tough time obtaining a loan to buy a house or to refinance their home loan, there are opportunities under certain circumstances for many of them to obtain an adverse remortgage. Lenders will typically look at what happened to a person’s finances that threw them into their current or recent situation and judge each loan application on an individual basis instead of a one-size-fits-all approval method. This is to the benefit of a borrower with unusual circumstances and can often help those who are denied regular loans.

By allowing a person to obtain an adverse remortgage, the lender may not only be helping the borrower through a tough situation, is may also help them avoid the time and expense of foreclosure. In instances in which the homeowner bought the home with a variable rate mortgage and the rate as gone up significantly, the homeowner may be struggling to make the monthly payments. By issuing an adverse remortgage at a reduced fixed interest rate, the homeowner may find the monthly payments have dropped low enough to be within their budget.

Additionally, any equity accrued in the home may be used to pay other past due bills or to help make up any deficit on the current home loan, giving the owner a chance to get caught up with their finances. By helping the borrower, the lender may be able to stave off the need to foreclose on the property, and with the owner now able to meet their obligations, have more assurance of recouping the loan amount.

Depending on how far behind the homeowner is in making the payments, how many other loans they are behind in paying including credit cards, there may still be a chance for them to obtain an adverse remortgage to help them through tough financial circumstances. Some lenders believe that not everyone with credit trouble is a bad person and are willing to take the additional risk of remortgaging their home.

Most of those seeking an adverse remortgage, understand the interest rates may be higher than those with good credit histories enjoy, as well as the fact that any future payment problems will usually result in foreclosure. Lenders often find that with these circumstances most homeowners make the extra effort to remain current on their payments to avoid losing their home. Additionally, by the lender giving them another chance to straighten out their finances, many homeowner may, after a period of time, be able to once again refinance their home and have the interest rate returned to a level typically reserved for good credit history.

In addition to being a means of lowering monthly payments, an adverse remortgage may also give a homeowner the opportunity to maintain their residence while they re-establish a good credit rating with their lender. It takes time to fix a bad credit rating and this process may help them get started.


Tips to Avoid These Common Courier Errors

Courier companies nowadays are better equipped to adapt to the changing times – some have completely automated their services to cater to the highly digital world we are living in and some have innovative customer services that are truly dedicated to maximizing client experience. Courier companies like these are clearly at the top of their game when it comes to giving their customers the highest quality service possible. The good news is that many companies that offer courier service in Sydney have caught on to the trend of excellence and innovation like Couriers by Demand Express.

However, no matter how innovative a courier company might be, there are still some unforeseen circumstances that are simply out of the customer and the courier company’s control. These are things like bad weather conditions, heavy traffic, and others. These inevitable situations can lead to delivery mishaps like late deliveries and damaged goods.

There are times when mishaps happen due to some degree of negligence on the courier company’s part. As a customer, we understand how alarming and discouraging this can be. By following the right countermeasures, however, you can avoid these common courier errors and spare yourself from the inconvenience that they bring. This article lists 5 helpful tips on how to avoid the most common courier errors that still happen today. Read on to learn more about these precautionary measures:

Delayed Parcel Deliveries

A delayed delivery is a nightmare to both the receiver and the sender. The parcel might be an important item that both the receiver and sender value and not receiving it on time might harm their convenience. This is especially true when your business involves delivering products to customers. The customers who are expecting to receive your parcel on a certain time and date might be deterred to order again if the delivery is late or worse, if it never came to their doorstep.

The last thing you want is to be on both ends of a delayed parcel delivery. To avoid this, here is what you can do:

The Solution:

If the problem arose due to legitimately inevitable circumstances like weather or traffic, the best you can hope for is that your parcel gets delivered as soon as those hurdles are over. Most courier companies are bound to notify their customers once delivery delays become apparent.

On the other hand, you can also avoid experiencing this by doing a thorough research into the courier’s history. Read reviews online, ask friends about their experiences, and check out their relationship with customers before jumping into the decision to work with them. It is best to find a courier with consistent positive reviews from clients regarding their timeliness to guarantee that your delivery arrives on time.

Receiving Goods in Poor Condition

Another common courier error is delivering goods in poor condition. We have all felt the sinking feeling when all that pent up excitement upon receiving your parcel boil down to nothing as we discover that the goods are damaged, and worse, no longer usable. If you are the sender, this situation can be just as disappointing.

Running a business that relies on the safe delivery of products and goods should not feel like a risk. Having to send a replacement stock can affect your sales, so make sure that you do whatever you can to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

The Solution:

Work with a reputable company. Working with a reputable company might mean you have to shell out a little more than the average cost but it also guarantees that you would not lose a lot on replacing damaged goods. You are paying for the guarantee that your parcel gets to its destination safe and intact after all. The investment is worth it.

So, find the most reputable courier service Sydney has to offer. Ask around, read blogs, and scour the internet. Whatever you do, remember to do your own research.

Overpriced vs Bargain Prices

Courier companies that offer services that are too good to be true probably are, while companies that charge too much for subpar services are also the other side of the spectrum that you have to look out for. Services that are too cheap might give you poor services, but expensive ones are just not worth it as well. How can you strike a balance?

The Solution:

Find courier that offers personalized solutions. This means that they don’t charge for services that you don’t even need in the first place. Companies like Couriers by Demand Express design services based on a client’s specific requirements. This option allows you to tweak the service to your needs so you avoid wasting money and increase your efficiency in one go.

Questionable Customer Service

An excellent customer service is one of the factors that make or break the relationships of businesses and their client base. Rude, unhelpful, and unapproachable customer service staff are some of the traits that deter clients from continuing to build a relationship with a business. It is not surprising to hear stories about customers switching to a different company despite having adequate services purely because of poor customer service.

In the case of courier services, you need people who are level-headed and can maintain a level of composure in heated situations. A delivery service who handles their customers poorly can be disastrous to your business.

The Solution:

Be vigilant. During your initial contact with a courier, you can already gauge if they have good customer service or not. Do they use respectful language? Do they accommodate your requests and enquiries? Are they helpful and willing to assist? If you cannot find a review that says otherwise, the next best option is to experience it for yourself through a call or face-to-face interaction.

Inconvenient Service Issues

Inaccurate quotations, delivery being sent out to the wrong address, untimely pickup – these are just some of the things that can happen when a courier service company pays little attention to detail. If this happens frequently, this can disrupt your operations and may even hurt your reputation.

The Solution:

Find companies with courier service in Sydney that keep up with the latest technology in the industry. These include systems like intelligent route planning and drivers who have adequate training to smartly navigate through those routes.

Choose the Best Courier Service Has to Offer!



Style 2021

As is significant of Mamet’s composing style, the play’s discourse is at times brief and frequently revolting. Show says “cunt” various occasions and both Don and Teach say “fuck” considerably more. Via contrast, the more youthful character Bobby just says “fuck” in circumstances of outrageous coercion: following being beaten and his last statement of regret to Donny. Mamet’s irreverence isn’t utilized for stun esteem, yet is fairly a basic segment of his characters’ “profane verse”, which, as per successive associate Gregory Mosher, “worked the measured rhyming out of the vernacular of the underclass.”[2] The characters’ occasionally indecent vocabulary, besides, might be viewed as mentally essential protective layer against their merciless environment.[3]

The incidental stage bearings are clear and don’t give line readings.

Creations  junkbobby

American Buffalo opened at the Goodman Theater Stage II on November 23, 1975, coordinated by Gregory Mosher with the cast that highlighted William H. Macy (Bobby), Bernard Erhard (Teach), and J.J. Johnston (Donny).[4][5]

The play debuted Off-Broadway at the Theater at St. Lenient’s Church on January 26, 1976 and shut on February 7, 1976. Coordinated by Gregory Mosher, the cast included Mike Kellin (Teach), Michael Egan (Donny) and J. T. Walsh (Bobby).[6]

The play debuted on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theater on February 8, 1977 in sneak peaks, authoritatively on February 16, 1977, and shut on June 11, 1977 after 122 exhibitions. Coordinated by Ulu Grosbard, the cast included Robert Duvall (Teach), Kenneth McMillan (Donny), and John Savage (Bobby). Sets were by Santo Loquasto and lighting by Jules Fisher.

The play was created Off-Broadway at the Circle in the Square (Downtown) in June 1981, featuring Al Pacino as Teach, Thomas Waites (Bobby) and Clifton James (Donny) and coordinated by Arvin Brown. This creation ran at the Long Wharf Theater, New Haven, in 1980.[7]

The play was restored on Broadway at the Booth Theater, running from October 20, 1983 (reviews) to February 4, 1984. Coordinated by Arvin Brown, the cast featured Al Pacino (Walter Cole, called Teach), James Hayden (Bobby) and J. J. Johnston (Donny Dubrow). The creation was selected for the 1984 Tony Award, Revival (Play or Musical), and Pacino was designated for the 1984 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Actor in a Play.[8] During the November eighth execution of this run, entertainer James Hayden got an overwhelming applause for his exhibition, at that point 6 hours after the fact kicked the bucket of a heroin glut while on the telephone with his irritated spouse while in his Upper West Side loft. He was supplanted by his understudy, John Shepard.[9]



Aaa Mexican Insurance – Single Limits Or Split Limits?

Aaa Mexican Insurance – Single Limits Or Split Limits?

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Even among experienced insurance personnel I find confusion reigns on the definition and application of the two types of Liability Limits. I see agents warning buyers to Beware of Split Limits, as if we might need to wash our hands after purchase.

I see agents warning buyers to Beware of Split Limits, as if we might need to wash our hands after purchase.

In reality, this fear tactic is unfounded, as either CSL or Split Limits may or may not be the best choice, because i…

mexican auto insurance , mexican insurance, mexican car insurance, AAA Mexican Auto Insurance

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Even among experienced insurance personnel I find confusion reigns on the definition and application of the two types of Liability Limits. I see agents warning buyers to Beware of Split Limits, as if we might need to wash our hands after purchase.

I see agents warning buyers to Beware of Split Limits, as if we might need to wash our hands after purchase.

In reality, this fear tactic is unfounded, as either CSL or Split Limits may or may not be the best choice, because it all depends on the actual amount of the limits, not simply how they are applied in a covered loss.

Combined Single Limits i.e. CSL Limits of $50,000 or $100,000 apply to either Bodily Injury OR Property Damage. In other words, the maximum the insurance company will pay for covered damages that have been deemed to have been caused by you, (your fault) is $50,000 or $100,000. The loss can be all Bodily Injury or all Property Damage or any combination of the two, but the maximum amount covered is $50,000 or $100,000 depending on the amount of coverage you decide to purchase.

Split Limits such as $100,000 bodily injury per person/$300,000 bodily injury per accident/$100,000 property damage means that the insurance company is obligated to pay up to $300,000 in bodily injury claims depending on how many persons are injured & the extent of their injuries AND up to $100,000 in property damage claims.

So insider fans, hypothetically, which would you rather have,

A. $50k CSL or B. Split Limits of $50k per person/$50k per accident/$50k Property Damage? My preference at the bottom

TIP: We recommend a minimum limit of $50,000 Property Damage in case you knock heads with someone else’s brand new SUV.

My Preference: B because I would have $50K BI AND $50K PD, a maximum of $100,000 protecting against loss versus $50k to protect against all potential loss in example A.

If you are confused or unsure in any way about about how much exposure you are willing to assume, consult your personal financial or legal advisor. The information above is meant to be used for general educational purposes only.


Manchester United – The Champion Of Champions

It was a heart breaking moment for Chelsea when John Terry missed the penalty kick. It was simply absurd to get Terry to take on a penalty kick. Oh my god! This guy is a defender and what does he knows about kicking a ball into a net. He would do better if he were to take the penalty with his head instead of his leg.

Well, at least that gave hope to all the Man United fans and fair enough, Anelka did them the favour when his spot kick was saved by Van De Sar.

Ole ole ole…Manchester United is the king of Europe and the Champion of England.

Overall it was a fair game with both sides could have won it in 90 minutes. Chelsea started slow but picked up their play in the later part.

History does repeat itself – The all   Shoulder Pain Doctor Henderson Nv Italian final few seasons ago end up the same and the all English final followed the same way.

Ronaldo is as usual, the hero turn villain when he missed his spot kick. I guessed he will get a boot into his face by Sir Alex if Manchester United were to lose because of that. He’s one lucky boy!

That’s the game of soccer. It can be cruel sometimes but whatever it is, in soccer, there must be a winner when it comes to the final. It can be either be decided in the ninety minutes or go all the way to the penalty kick and as for this Champions League 2008, it’s Manchester United, the champion.




利用可能な女性と男性のための最高のナチュラルスキンケア製品。実際に食べることができるほど安全で純粋な製品を使用することで、はるかに若く見え、自分自身について気分が良くなります。 Xtend-Lifeナチュラルアンチエイジングスキンケア製品を今すぐ購入してください。 Xtend-Lifeスキンケア製品は、短時間で小じわやしわを減らしたい場合でも、自然で安全な製品で肌細胞に自然に活力を与えようとしている場合でも、あなたにぴったりです。 Xtend-Lifeは、あなたが探している若々しい外観を取り戻すのに役立つ高度な細胞若返りシステムを提供します。 Xtend TKと呼ばれる特別な成分を使用することで、他のスキンケア製品では達成できない皮膚細胞を再生することができます。 すべての年齢のための効果的なスキン製品 あなたが若々しい外観を維持しようとしている20代であろうと、多額のお金を払ったり、外科的処置に耐えることなく肌を老化させようとしている50歳以上であろうと、おそらくその中間です。 年齢に関係なく、より速い結果が必要な場合は、Xtend-Lifesの複製されていない細胞若返りシステムにより、短時間で若く見え、自分自身について気分が良くなります。 Xtend-Lifesの単一の効果的なナチュラルスキンケア製品は、あらゆる年齢の女性と男性に大きなメリットをもたらします。この単一の有効な製品範囲は、20歳でも80歳でも使用でき、驚くべき結果が得られます。 期待できる結果: 20〜29歳の女性は、これから何年も若々しい輝きを保つことができます。 30〜49歳の女性は、他のスキンケア製品では12週間ではなく、2〜8週間という短い期間で驚くべき改善が見られます。 50歳以上の女性、安全で効果的な製品で、何年にもわたる太陽のダメージと不健康なライフスタイルを逆転させます。 男性のことを忘れないようにしましょう: 男性-年齢を重ねるにつれて、より自信を持って見たり感じたりしたい。男性向けにデザインされた当社のナチュラルスキンケア製品についてもっと学ぶことが重要です。 Xtends-Lifesの特別に配合されたアンチエイジングスキンケア製品 男性と女性のための最も自然で安全な製品。母なる自然がそれらを作成し、科学と高度な細胞若返り技術によって進歩し、最大の結果をもたらしました。 シミやもろい肌を薄くすることで戦いますか? 酒皶や湿疹などの肌の状態に悩まされていませんか、それとも健康的な美しい肌を維持し、しわの進行を止め、たるんだ肌を引き締め、深いしわを取り除くことを心配していますか? Xtend-Life製品は、他のすべてのスキンケア製品を凌駕するように特別に設計されています…上記の条件を処理する場合の価格を含みます。 あなたの購入が彼らの100%の満足保証によって支えられているのであなたが自信を持って買うことができるので安心してください。 私はあなたがこれを知らなかったに違いない: そこにあるほとんどのアンチエイジングスキンケア製品には、パラベン(癌に関連する)、不要な香料、その他の有害なアレルゲンが含まれていますか? これらの不要な成分のほとんどはあなたの組織に浸透することが示されていますか? 他の多くのいわゆる天然物は、それらの効果を低下させるコストのために、PhytessenceWakameやNano-LipobelleHEQ10などの最も実績のある効果的な成分のいくつかを使用できません。 いくつかのスキン製品に高品質の成分が含まれている場合、それらが製品に入れる量は最小限であるため、彼らが主張することを行うのに効果的ではありませんか? 多くのアンチエイジングスキンケア製品は、一般的な保湿剤を使用することで「しわを減らし」、皮膚細胞を修復して再生する実証済みの成分ではなく、一時的なふっくらとした肌効果をもたらします。


切なスキンケアのヒントは、まあまあの肌を持つことと、出会うすべての人の羨望の的となるタイプの肌を持つことの違いを生む可能性があります。あなたがこれらのスキンケアの秘訣がすべて高価な製品を買うことについてであると考えているなら、あなたはもっと間違っているはずがありません。 毎日のスキンケアルーチンを忠実に守り、全体的な健康習慣を整えることで、肌のタイプに関係なく、ざ​​らざらしたくすんだ肌と滑らかでみずみずしい肌の違いが生まれます。これらのヒントを実装するのにそれほど時間はかかりませんが、一貫性が鍵となります。 あなたがまだ若くて、その完璧な若さの肌を持っているなら、あなたの外見はつかの間であることに注意してください。今、肌をきちんとケアする時間をとらないと、10年から20年後には、ネグレクトの兆候がはっきりと見え、出会うすべての人もそうなります。喫煙、日焼け、貧しい食生活は、ビートアップシューズのような肌になります。誰もそれを望んでいないので、今あなたの肌の世話をすることを計画してください。あなたが年をとっている場合、あなたは時間を戻すことはできませんが、良いスキンケアは老化の兆候を阻止するのに役立ちます。 あなたの年齢が何であれ、あなたが新鮮で素敵に見えるようにするためのいくつかの素晴らしいスキンケアのヒントがあります。 1)喫煙や過度の飲酒は避けてください。 たまにグラスワインやカクテルを飲むのは問題ありませんが、飲みすぎるとすぐに老化する可能性があります。タバコと酒の両方に、肌にひどい毒素が含まれています。喫煙者は、煙の周りで唇を絶えずすぼめているために早期老化が起こり、タバコに致命的な毒素が含まれていることでよく知られています。喫煙者は一般的にはるかに若い年齢でしわを形成し、ボトルを強く叩くと初期のしわが発生し、皮膚がしみになります。 2)日焼け止めを使用します。 これは十分に述べることはできません。過度の日光への露出は、新鮮で結露するよりも革製の家具に似たしわや肌を与えます。日焼けによる「黄金の輝き」がなければできないと考える人もいますが、最終的には肌が代償を払うことになります。 晴れた日だけでなく、毎日UVカット機能を内蔵した保湿剤を塗る習慣を身につけましょう。太陽が最も強い夏の間は、肌の露出部分に日焼け止めを使用し、日が正午にピークに達するときは必ず覆ってください。これはあなたの肌をより長く若く見せ続けるだけでなく、致命的な皮膚ガンになるのを防ぐのにも役立ちます。 3.水分補給-これが健康な肌への最も重要な鍵の1つであるとは十分に言えません。 美しい肌が必要な場合は、ソーダやコーヒーではなく、水を選択してください。あなたも一日中一貫して水を飲まなければなりません。今は一口の水ですが、その後何時間も脱水症状を引き起こしません。水は不純物を洗い流し、肌を裏返しに保湿し、体重をコントロールするのに役立ちます。 4)十分な睡眠をとることは、素晴らしい肌にとって非常に重要です。 睡眠不足は肌に現れるだけでなく、全体的な健康にも影響を及ぼします。あなたが疲れ果てているなら、とにかくあなたはあなたの最も生産的ではないので、それを夜と呼んで、あなたが必要とする残りを手に入れてみませんか? 十分な睡眠をとることはあなたのストレスレベルを減らしそしてあなたの睡眠時間の間にあなたの皮膚が再生する時間を与えるのを助けるでしょう。 5)角質除去して古い角質を取り除き、みずみずしい肌に仕上げます。 あなたの肌は、新しい皮膚細胞を生成し、古い死んだ皮膚細胞を皮膚の表面に押し出すことによって、自分自身を更新します。角質除去はこれらの死んだ皮膚細胞を取り除き、古い鈍い皮膚細胞の下に隠れているより光沢のある皮膚を明らかにします。乾燥肌は過度に角質除去されるべきではありません。その肌タイプには週に1、2回で十分です。脂性で正常な皮膚は、より頻繁に角質除去を行う可能性があります。おそらく週に3〜4回。お肌のタイプに合った角質除去剤を使用し、無理をしないでください。お肌はデリケートなので、流し台のようにこすらないでください。 6)古いスキンケア製品を捨てる。 ほぼすべてのスキンケア製品には「使用期限」があり、それを守ることが重要です。これらの製品の成分は、時間の経過とともに分解し、空気にさらされます。ローションやクリームが分離しているのを見たり、スキンケア製品のいずれかからファンキーな臭いに気付いた場合は、それらをプロントで取り除きます。それらは細菌で汚染されている可能性が高く、皮膚の炎症や発疹につながる可能性があります。 7)ナトリウム摂取量を制限します。 ナトリウムが多すぎると脱水状態になり、しわの寄った老化した肌になります。 8)清潔に保つ-朝と夜に肌を清潔にします。 クリーミーなクレンザーは乾燥肌から通常の肌タイプに最適ですが、油性でニキビができやすい肌には抗菌クリーナーが役立ちます。肌にできる最善のことの1つは、夜寝る前にメイクの痕跡をすべて取り除くことです。これにより、枕が汚染されてブレイクアウトが発生するのを防ぐことができます。 9)お肌のタイプに合ったトナーを使用してください。 トナーは、メイクやオイルの残留痕跡を肌から取り除きます。これはあなたの保湿を可能にします


A Needle in a Haystack

A Needle in a Haystack

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Wisdom is needed when making choices in life… especially when making financial choices!

loans, uk finance

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Wisdom is needed when making choices in life… especially when making financial choices!

There are so many financial decisions to be made. And when you’re looking at loans, it’s sometimes difficult to know which loan is the right one. There are so many types of loans out there that it feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack… of needles! Which one is the right one? Who knows? But be careful, because you could be pricked along the way.

You cannot just go select the first loan that comes your way. There are three things you should look for when selecting the right UK secured loan to add to your financial portfolio.

The first thing you should look for is the amount of money you need. By shopping around, you may be surprised at how much money is available from lenders to people like you who are looking to add some muscle to their money. You should look at your budget as well as the amount of money you need to help you determine how much of a loan you should get.

The next thing you’ll want to look at is the repayment frequency. Is the loan supposed to be paid back every week? Every two weeks? Every month? For some people, the best option is to match the loan repayment with their payday schedule so that they can be assured that there will be money in the bank when it’s time to pay the loan down. One option some people are choosing is to set up a monthly repayment schedule but put more money down (perhaps once a week) which will get applied directly to the principal! Often, the repayment frequency will determine the amount due with each payment, so that may be a factor in helping you decide the repayment frequency. Perhaps a large, monthly payment is more difficult to make than several smaller payments in a month. You’ll have to decide the best option for you.

The last thing you need to consider is the interest rate. Many people simply ignore this completely because they feel that they have little control over prevailing rates at the time of the loan. However, with a little work and wisdom, you can manage your interest rates quite well. For example, some of the things you can manage when it comes to interest rates include the risk level of the recipient, the amount of money borrowed, and the period of time in which the money is expected to be paid back. Prevailing interest rates will determine the window of interest rate available. It’s up to you to find the best rate for you.

Now that you know the three things you need to look for, it’s time to go out and find the right UK secured loan for you. Be sure to shop around and you choose wisely from the selection you find.


Guide To Land Banking

A Guide To Land Banking

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Land banking is a relatively new investment concept that allows smaller investors to own a piece of valuable land.

How does land banking work?

When large parcels of land are put up for sale, they are usually far too expensive for a single small investor. Land that’s in a good place for residential or business development is usually either bought by a land investment company
or by a property developer. The owner then “banks” or holds onto the land until they are ready to…

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Land banking is a relatively new investment concept that allows smaller investors to own a piece of valuable land.

How does land banking work?

When large parcels of land are put up for sale, they are usually far too expensive for a single small investor. Land that’s in a good place for residential or business development is usually either bought by a land investment company or by a property developer. The owner then “banks” or holds onto the land until they are ready to sell it or develop it. During this time, they can parcel the land up into smaller, much more affordable section and sell these sections to private investors. Each investor holds the freehold to their land, and can sell at any time, although the best profits are usually realised when planning permission is granted for the site.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the land to small investors will depend upon the type of land, the potential for development and the size of the land. For as little as £5,000, investors can buy a good-sized piece of land in a prestigious location. You can, of course, choose to spend much more, and the land parcels are often graduated in size to accommodate a range of investors.

Is it complicated to buy?

Land is easier to buy than property. It is still a legal contract, though, so it’s worth getting it checked by your solicitor. The straightforward nature of the purchase means that it can often be completed within 28 days.

Can I sell it?

In most, if not all cases, when you buy the land, you also acquire the freehold. This means that you can sell the land on at any time. Most people hold on to their property for between 2-8 years, to realise profits from the development of the site, but you can sell whenever you want or need to.

Where do I start?

If you’re interested in land investment, then talk to a land agent. They will have a variety of sites on their books and have the experience and expertise to guide and advise you throughout the process.


Four Things That Kill Your Chances For Music Career Success

What do you believe is the number one thing that musicians are doing to ruin their chances at succeeding in the music industry? Is it: not practicing their instrument enough? Not putting together enough good music industry connections? Living in a city with no music scene? The answer to all of this is NO – none of these things. There can be countless reasons why a musician would fail to make it in the music industry, but the things above are merely symptoms of a deeper cause. In reality, the most common reason why musicians never succeed in this business is they have a FEAR based mindset.

The majority of musicians allow their fears to ruin their chances for succeeding in music. Some of these fears are understood consciously while others are only identifiable to someone who is looking for them.
Unfortunately, whether you are aware of them or not, your fears can be very devastating to your music career. As one who mentors musicians on how to build a successful music career, I’ve observed this endless times.

The following are some of the frequent fears that devastate musicians’ chances for becoming successful and how to overcome them so that you can quickly move your music career forward:

Musician Fear #1: Fear Of Not Making Any Money

Anytime you have told your friends or family that you want to become a professional musician, what have they told you? Probably something like this:

*”You’ve got to get a safe job first in order to have a solid backup plan for your music career.”

*”Musicians can’t make a good living”

*”All musicians have to play street corners for change just to get by”

In most cases you are told these things out of the best intentions… However, these ideas are highly misguided. Truth is, it’s not as hard as you might think to earn a good living in the music industry if you know specifically what to do to make money as a pro musician (and actually DO it). With this in mind, it’s exactly because the above false beliefs about the music industry are so wide spread, that they cause many musicians to fear not being able to make money. They then do things that lead to the exact OPPOSITE of what is needed to earn a good living.

The following is how trying ‘not’ to run into financial struggles in the music industry causes you to have difficulty making good money as a musician:

*You never make the effort to earn a lot more money in your music career. The worst thing you can possibly do is expect that you’ll struggle to make money as a musician. It’s certain that when you do this, you begin to live into the world you’ve created for yourself in your mind.

*You take your music career in the WRONG direction. By expecting failure in terms of making good money, many musicians start thinking they’ll be better off going to college to get a degree in a non-musical field, working at a “secure” job and THEN going after their music career dreams in their spare time. In the end, they almost always end up failing with this approach.

*You eat the goose that lays golden eggs. Note: What is written below could seem like “self-promotion,” since I mention how I mentor musicians as an illustration of a critical point. Of course, there is a very important lesson for you to learn here, and my words are true regardless of whether I am selling something or not. The lesson for you here illustrates how merely being AFRAID of becoming broke causes you to forever remain broke as a musician, until you make a significant change.

I occasionally receive messages from musicians who initially hesitated to join my music career training program or attend my music career money making event (where I show musicians how to easily make tons of money), because they are under the impression that they “cannot afford it.” Even after I take them through the overwhelming proof for how my programs have given HUGE results to the musicians I’ve worked with, they still remain skeptical and fearful. This skepticism comes from the same false narratives described above – that all musicians will inevitably become broke and struggle, so there is no point in pursuing a music career. Ironically, by attempting to “save” a few bucks in the moment and passing on the training (that is PROVEN to get results) on how to develop a lucrative music career, you are ensuring that you will never make a big income with music. This is referred to as “eating the goose that lays golden eggs” because you decide to eat the goose now rather than wait for golden eggs to appear later. Rather than learning how to earn money in your music career and building toward the future, you give in to your fear… guaranteeing that you will never make progress to move your career to a higher level.

How To Keep This Fear From De-railing Your Music Career:

1. Know that the belief that all musicians struggle to make money isn’t true and it certainly does not have to be your reality. This realization alone will keep you from letting fear steer your music career away from the things you really want.

2. Instead of being preoccupied with thoughts of how hard it will be to make money in music, take action to learn more about how to BECOME financially successful as a musician. There is a clear (and rudimentary) difference between these 2 mindsets and the ends that each one leads to are complete opposites.

Musician Fear #2: Fear Of Not Succeeding In Your Music Career

Too many musicians mess up their music careers by fearing that:

*They aren’t young enough to have a music career

*They don’t have enough talent to make it in music

*They don’t live in a big enough music city

*They don’t have a university degree in a musical field

*Their musical style is not well known where they live

*There are not enough serious musicians where they live who they can work with

*If they fail, they will look dumb in front of all the people who they told about their musical dreams (friends, family, etc.)

Besides the numerous reasons why these fears are irrational, know the following:

1. What you believe becomes your reality. If you think you have a good excuse for why you simply can’t become a successful musician (such as any of the things above), you will rationalize it and use it as a way to avoid advancing your music career. When you do this, you are GUARANTEED to fail at breaking into the music business. The other side of the coin is also true: if you believe that you are definitely going to become successful, and you are the master of your destiny, you will find a way to do whatever needs to get done to reach your goals. It’s clear that the latter mindset has a massively higher rate of success (both in the music business and in everyday life).

2. If you don’t even attempt to grow a successful music career – you have failed. Even worse than this guarantee of 100% failure, is you are going to regret not taking action to do what you dreamed of with music when you look back at all the opportunities you missed.

Musician Fear #3: Fear Of Becoming Successful In Your Music Career

Does it sound ridiculous to be afraid of becoming successful? It’s not. While the above fear of “failure” is a frequent occurrence for musicians who are new to the music industry, the fear of “becoming successful” is common for more seasoned musicians who are close to making a major breakthrough in their music careers.

These musicians can easily self-destruct by worrying about how their lives will be different when they become successful, how others will view them, how difficult it will be to continue their success or believing below the surface that they do not truly “deserve” to be successful. This causes many musicians begin to intentionally sabotage themselves by NOT doing things they know are in their own best interest (such as joining bands, going on tour or getting the training that they know they need that will build their career).

How To Not Let Fear Of Failure (Or Success) De-rail Your Music Career:

1. Understand that all the things you tell yourself about why you can’t have a music career in your specific scenario are just stories you make up. You have MASSIVE potential for success as a musician (much more than you realize), regardless of how old you are, what your current musical background is or the location where you live.

2. Think like highly successful musicians think. As I explained already, there is a basic difference between “playing to WIN” (in your music career) vs. playing “not to lose”. Successful musicians play to win and they do not focus on “avoiding fear” – they focus on “achieving success”… and this is what you must do as well.

3. Stack the deck of cards in your favor. You will drastically raise your odds of success in the music business (and beat your fear of failure), once you begin navigating the music industry without a blindfold on. Instead, quickly make progress by getting trained by a music career success mentor who has already helped many musicians achieve success in their music careers.

Musician Fear #4: Fear Of Being Treated Unfairly By Music Companies, Promoters And Other Industry Executives

The music industry is filled with long winded stories from (failed) musicians who claim that someone in the music industry has lead them to fail because they forced them to sign a bad contract, refused to pay them enough money or “screwed” them in some other way. Stories like this make many musicians afraid of getting into any business deals in the music industry and sometimes keep them from even trying to pursue a music career.

Here is a big music industry secret that no one will tell you that will turn this fear into potential for achieving success:

It’s the COMPANIES who should have a fear of being taken advantage of by the MUSICIANS they work with. Fact is, most music companies are NOT out there to screw the musicians they work with. Instead, they are really HUNGRY for new talent, for “everyone wins” partnerships and for ways to best use their resources (with the help of musicians they hire) to help everyone involved prosper.

At the same time, these companies are also afraid of spending MASSIVE sums of money into musicians who:

*Are emotionally or mentally unstable

*Feel “entitled” to receive the company’s money and resources simply because they may be good musicians

*Are lazy and can’t be depended upon

*Do not help the company earn money in a way that is mutually beneficial

… and a long list of other factors.

Truth is, music companies invest tons of time, money and other resources into the musicians they work with. They have a lot more at stake than most of the musicians they work with do, so they have to be very careful about doing business with the right musicians. They are inclined to refuse to act against their own best interest by working with musicians who seem risky (as investments) or who ask for more money than they have earned.

How To Not Let This Fear De-rail Your Music Career:

Know that what you just learned is a huge inside tip into how the music business actually works and will make all the difference between success and failure. Rather than being afraid that music companies are out to screw musicians, understand that you have a great opportunity to put yourself light years ahead of the competition in the music industry. Here is what you need to do:

*Know EXACTLY what people in the music industry look for in you (this extends way beyond your musical skills).

*Gather the pieces of value you require to make yourself the best choice for the greatest music career opportunities.

*Clearly display your value to the companies you want to work with by developing a rock-solid reputation for yourself as a risk-free musician who adds value for others.

By doing this, music companies will actively seek you out to give you the opportunities that other musicians never dreamed of.

Now that you have a good understanding of what fears hold so many musicians back from developing their music careers, take mental note of your thoughts and beliefs around working in the music industry. Once you become aware of the fears that are keeping YOU back, take action to transform your mindset (utilizing the resources and tools mentioned throughout this article). When you do this, you will find that your fears dissolve away as your music career starts quickly going in the right direction.