CHI Hair Straighteners VS Solia Hair Straighteners

With the increasing need for hair styling tools, many hair straightening tools are coming out. There are many brands available, with various styles and designs. More often that not, the influx of these options have bombarded the customers with confusion and uncertainty.

The question of which really stands as the “best” remains to be that- a question that is still unanswered unanimously. Among the mainstays in the field of hair straightening are the CHI Hair Straighteners and the SOLIA Hair Straighteners. Both offer various products used for straightening in appealing designs and chic styles and colors.

Comfort and versatility

When it comes to ease and comfort of use, CHI and Solia claims that they offer the best ergonomic designs. They assure their customers with user-friendliness, dependability, durability, and reliability. They also come in sleek and light weight sizes that make the art of hair straightening and styling a pleasurable experience.

As for versatility and flexibility, both CHI and Solia products can be used for varying hair types. Other than that, they also serve a wide variety of styling needs such as hair straightening, hair flipping, hair curling, hair crimping, and creating dreadlocks. While they offer such styling services, both declare that they maintain the hair’s softness, smoothness, and manageability while being styled.

Ceramic Plates and Heating Element

Both leading hair straighteners use ceramic plates and ceramic heating elements. These ceramic elements in the tools assure that even temperature will be generated and applied to the hair at all times. Other than that, ceramic elements also produce negative ions that keeps the hair’s moisture level. Thus, a lustrous and silky hair can be expected.

However, Solia poses an advantage over CHI when it comes to the features of its ceramic plates. This is because Solia hair straighteners offer Tourmaline in their plates. Tourmaline enhances the tool’s ability to reduce the risks for hair damages as it promotes better heat release and moisture absorption from the plates. Most of the CHI hair straighteners lack this vital component.

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