Tabula Rogeriana 2021

Tea and every one of the seventy areas has a relating map.[2][3]

To create the work, al-Idrisi met experienced explorers exclusively and in bunches on their insight into the world and accumulated “just that part… on which there was finished understanding and appeared to be sound, barring what was contradictory.”[1] Roger II had his guide engraved on a silver circle weighing around 300 pounds.[1] It appeared, in al-Idrisi’s words, “the seven climatic areas, with their particular nations and locale, drifts and terrains, bays and oceans, streams and waterway mouths.”[1]

Al-Idrisi got comfortable Palermo, Sicily, at the open minded and illuminated court of the Norman ruler Roger II of Sicily, where he was accused of the creation of a book on geology. It was to contain all accessible information on the area and environment of the world’s primary habitats of populace. Lord Roger himself excitedly talked with explorers going through his realm, and specialists and designers were dispatched to accumulate material—an examination interaction that required around 15 years. In 1154, only a couple a long time before the lord passed on, al-Idrisi’s book was at last total.


On crafted by al-Idrisi, S. P. Scott remarked:

“The accumulation of Edrisi marks a period throughout the entire existence of science. In addition to the fact that its is chronicled data generally fascinating and significant, yet its portrayals of numerous pieces of the earth are as yet legitimate. For three centuries geographers duplicated his guides without adjustment. The general situation of the lakes which structure the Nile, as portrayed in his work, doesn’t contrast incredibly from that set up by Baker and Stanley in excess of 700 years a while later, and their number is something similar. The mechanical virtuoso of the creator was not substandard compared to his education. The heavenly and earthbound planisphere of silver which he developed for his illustrious supporter was almost six feet in breadth, and gauged 400 and fifty pounds; upon the one side the zodiac and the star groupings, upon the other – partitioned for accommodation into portions – the assemblages of land and water, with the separate circumstances of the different nations, were engraved.”[5]

Ten composition duplicates of the Book of Roger right now endure, five of which have total content and eight of which have maps.[2] Two are in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, including the most seasoned, dated to around 1325. (MS Arabe 2221). Another duplicate, made in Cairo in 1553, is in the Bodleian Library in Oxford (Mss. Pococke 375). It was procured in 1692.[6] The most complete original copy, which incorporates the world guide and every one of the seventy sectional guides, is kept in Istanbul.[3]

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